Code Enforcement

The City of Otsego has established provisions in the City Code and Zoning Ordinance regulating land uses to protect public health safety and welfare. The regulations are primarily enforced on a complaint basis. Those reporting a potential violation or complaint always remain anonymous.

When City staff receives a complaint, either by telephone or via the City's website portal (under Report a Concern), an inspection of the property is done to verify if a violation exists. If a violation is found, the typical process is to send an Administrative Notice allowing the property owner 14 days to abate the condition. The City's goal in enforcing its City Code is to work with the property owner wherever possible to bring about compliance. However, if the correction is not made in a timely manner, City staff will proceed to issue of an Administrative Citation or take other actions to impose criminal or civil penalties.

The following property checklist (PDF) is intended to help residents evaluate the condition of your own home and property based on common neighborhood expectations and City Code requirements.