Property Resources

Real Property Land Transactions can involve multiple departments within Wright County depending on the complexity of the transaction. We have provided a brief summary of which offices could be involved with Real Property transactions on this page


County and local assessors estimate property market values and classify them according to their use for property tax purposes. More Information is available on the Assessor home page:

Auditor / Treasurer

The County Auditor/Treasurer handles property tax administration, tax forfeited land proceedings and special assessments including ditches. Property conveyances, divisions and combinations of land which includes the collection of mortgage registration tax, state deed tax and agricultural fee collection. More information is available on the Auditor/Treasurer home page.


The Highway Department issues permits for driveways, moving, right-of-ways, etc. as well as mailbox support and plat review. More information is available on the Highway home page:

Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department administers and enforces zoning, land use and subdivision regulations. More information is available on the Planning and Zoning home page:


The primary responsibilities of the County Recorder's Office are to accept real estate documents for filing and maintain a permanent repository of recorded documents for real property in Wright County. More information is available on the Recorder home page:


The County Surveyor's Office provides professional surveying support to the county and ascertains that land measurements and locations of all parcels of property in Wright County are properly defined. More information is available on the Surveyor home page: