West Wastewater Treatment Facility Project

The existing Otsego West Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), located at 7551 Lancaster Avenue, has been in service since 2005 and is nearing its original rated capacity. In accordance with the 2018 City of Otsego Wastewater Master Plan, a project to expand the treatment capacity of the West WWTF is underway. In addition to capacity expansion, it is the City's desire to reduce odors, traffic and noise from facility operations experienced by the adjacent residential neighborhood and City Park. This is being done through the design of a new treatment process and associated indoor waste solids loading facility, as well as relocation of an administration building and site access.

West Wastewater Treatment Facility ProjectThe design for the project includes an upgraded preliminary treatment building, a new fine screening building, upgraded secondary biological treatment process, membrane biological treatment, UV disinfection, and low energy cascade aeration of water before discharge to Otsego Creek. By utilizing membrane treatment, the discharge water quality will further improve. The waste solids storage tank, which had generated odors in the past was removed from operation in 2020 and is no longer needed for storage services with this upgrade. The waste solids loading will be enclosed within a building and additional odor control implemented to mitigate odors from loading operations.

With the completion of this project, the City of Otsego can continue to meet the wastewater treatment needs of the City as residential and business growth continues. The upgraded facility will also provide the ability to meet current and future regulatory requirements.

Project Schedule

  • Construction start: Late Summer 2022
  • Operational completion: Spring 2024