East-West Watermain Connection Project

Plans and specifications have been prepared for the East-West Watermain Connection Project. The project will entail connecting the City's east and west watermain systems to increase redundancy of the water system, improve water quality and water pressure, and be able to fill both west water towers to maximum capacity.

The Bid Opening is proposed for June 7 with potential award on June 12. Contractors have stated obtaining pipe and vaults is approximately two months out once the contract is awarded. It would be mid-August at the earliest that construction would start. The specifications published will note that the Contractor cannot start work on portions of the project that easements are not yet obtained. The substantial completion for the project is proposed for November 30, 2023.East-West Watermain Connection Project Number 23-02 Map

Project Update

A Watermain connection from the Mcallister Avenue Water Tower to Boulder Creek Addition is scheduled for 2023 - completion scheduled for early December. The project includes a large transmission watermain installation paralleling County Road 38 using a combination of directional boring and open cut technologies. A valve vault with pressure control devices and instrumentation is included to assist metering and pressure improvements will be installed within Boulder Creek development as part of this project. This connection provides a strategic benefit for the entire water system improving storage and pumping capacity access with the framework to support water quality improvements as water treatment is implemented.


  • Project start: September
  • Pipe installation: late September to November
  • Pressure vault dig and installation: October
  • Project completion: December