Neighborhood Watch Program

The Neighborhood watch program is a cooperative effort between the Sheriff's Office and individual neighborhoods. The program is designed to operate most effectively with watch groups of approximately fifteen families. Between one and two blocks is considered the maximum size for each group. This will minimize coordination problems.

Through the Neighborhood Watch Program, citizens become the eyes and ears of the Sheriff's Office. Neighbors can tell if something or someone is unusual to the area. It is not recommended that neighbors become vigilante police officers. However, you are encouraged to report any behavior that causes concern, or arouses your suspicions.

As Neighborhood Watch Groups are formed, one of the first tasks will be to select a block coordinator. This person will be the liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the Watch Group. The Sheriff will keep the coordinator informed about what crimes are being committed in the area. It is the function of the coordinator to disperse the information.

Neighborhood Watch is a proven crime prevention program; but like any self-help activity, its success depends upon you and your neighbors. For more information email Sargent Brian Johnson with the Wright County Sheriff's Office Phone at 763-684-2366. 

Visit the Wright County Sheriff's Office Citizen Law Enforcement Academy