Utility Billing

Go paperless with your utility bill!

Where & How to Make Payments

  • Pay online
  • Statements are sent out around the 15th of every month. Bills are due the 8th of the following month.
  • Mail in or hand deliver to our office
  • Drop box located in the parking lot of City Hall
  • Automatic payment available upon request
  • Pay by phone (Visa/MasterCard accepted)
  • Mobile app; download "PSN Payments" in the App Store or Google Play
  • Call to get a final reading if you are moving or if you need to start service. Statements are sent to the property owner only; we do not bill individual renters.
  • New water and sewer rates go into effect in March of each year. Sewer rates are based on winter month's (December, January and February) water usage.
  • If your water bill seems higher than usual check for leaks in your system. A dripping faucet, leaking toilet or water softener not working properly are the most common places.
  • City Water Utilities serve more than 5,000 customers in Otsego. There are over 500 million gallons of water used annually.