Municipal Water

Otsego Water TowerIf you would like to discuss or communicate a water quality question, report a concern.

Water Facilities

The City maintains two water systems that draw from well sources.

Water Distribution

The distribution system consists of 100 miles of watermain, 1,100 hydrants, 2,300 isolation valves and several pressure control stations.

Crews hydrant flush spring and fall to clean supply lines and to inspect and operate system components. Hydrants are greased, lubricated and drained during the fall flushing event. Crews also operate main isolation valves using a mechanical Valve Turner to verify and support functionality. Approximately 20 percent of these valves are visited annually.

Spring Hydrant Flush

East PWS – 1st-15th of April    West PWS – 16th-30th of April

Fall Hydrant Flush

East PWS – 1st-15th of Oct     West PWS – 16th-30th of Oct

Water Tower Video

View a video of Water Tower Raising (October 17, 2021) (MP4).

  1. Municipal Water & Wastewater

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