Rental Housing Licensing Program

The City of Otsego's requires all rental property within the city to obtain a rental license.

The licensing period runs for one year from the inspection date. Applications for renewal of existing licenses are mailed out approximately fifteen (15) days prior to the anniversary date with an anniversary date deadline. Applications are processed once payment has been received.

An inspection for new licenses is to be set up with the City of Otsego's Building Safety Department at 763-441-2593. For license renewals, an inspection is required every 3 years for single family and townhouse dwellings within multi-family buildings are reinspected every 5 years. A rental license will be issued upon passing the inspection. Inspection information is provided on this page.

Rental Housing (Chapter 6 City Code):

  • Initial or renewal license fee: $100
  • Inspections:
    • Single-family, two family, townhouse or condominium: $65 (After 2 failed inspections, an additional $65 will be charged). 
    • Multiple family: $65

Please noteIf you wish to pay with credit card, a 3% processing fee will be incurred.

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