Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Department oversees the current Fire Contracts, Sheriff's Contract, Emergency Management, and the development of the Fire & Emergency Services Department. The department manages the emergency operations plan and serves as the city representative in emergency events.

City Council's adoption of resolution 2023-78 on November 27, 2023 approved and formalized the establishment of the Otsego Fire & Emergency Services Department, marking a significant milestone in the city's commitment to enhancing safety, fortifying emergency preparedness, and ensuring the welfare of its growing community.

  • The City of Otsego's proactive response to the challenges posed by its growing population underscores a commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and emergency preparedness for its residents and businesses. As the city experienced an upswing in growth, concerns about emergency response times emerged, prompting a strategic reevaluation of the existing fire services framework. The dynamic nature of fire services, coupled with the evolving needs of a burgeoning community, led Otsego to embark on a comprehensive initiative aimed at elevating service levels. To learn more about the study and process of creating the Otsego Fire & Emergency Services Department, review the Emergency Services Evaluation page.

Public Safety Alerts

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